Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Big News!

Well, as of yesterday, our lives will never be the same. Dan and I had our first prenatal visit after finding out we are 9 weeks pregnant!
During our first doctor's appointment we learned several things about our "baby" to be. During the ultrasound the technician asked me if I knew I had a double uterus. Of course, shocked, I asked her what that was and what it meant for us? She mentioned that this double uterus was something that she had seen before, but in her 25 years, she had never seen a double uterus with a baby in each.....YES, we are having twins! One baby in each uterus!
After the ultrasound the doctor needed to sit down with us to discuss our rarest of situations. She admitted that she had never seen our situation before and that the Perinatologist in the group would also be following us. In his 40 years, we are the 3rd case like this that he has seen. They labeled our pregnancy a high risk one and we are due to go back in every three weeks or so. They have also decided that in about 5 weeks they will do a cervical cerclage to prevent preterm labor. During this procedure they will place stitches in my cervix to make sure that it doesn't open too early.
We are so surprised and excited! We don't really know what to do next, but that is the fun part! We are a bit overwhelmed and inquisitive. I did some research on our situation and it looks as if the odds of this happening is 1 in 50 million.
After being at the doctor's office for four hours we got home to share the news with our parents and closest friends. Everyone is just as thrilled as we are! We are so very blessed with two miracles. Please keep us in your thoughts and please pray that our babies will develop healthily and that our pregnancy is a smooth one.