Wednesday, January 20, 2010

12 Weeks!

Dan and I had our 12 week appt with our doctor yesterday. We had an ultrasound done and the babies have grown to twice the size that they were at our last appt three weeks ago. They are now the size of small peaches...hmm- an interesting comparison! As the tech did our ultrasound she mentioned that baby B was our "poser" meaning that when she went to take its picture he/she was perfectly still. On the other hand, baby A is our active baby. This baby gave her a hard time and was bouncing around everywhere! We already have opposites...this should be interesting :)
We also met with our specialist who scheduled my cervical cerclage procedure. This will be done on Friday February 5th and I should be able to recover over the weekend. During this procedure the doctor will put a stitch in my cervix which will hopefully prevent pre-term thinning of my cervix and pre-term labor. I am also hoping that this will keep me off bed rest! The procedure is considered out patient, so I will be able to go home to re coop, which will be nice.

This is pretty much all for now, except the new pics...enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Questions answered...

Due to my craziest of situations I have run into a plethora of questions. I have taken the liberty of listing some of them and the answers that I know...

-Were your babies conceived at the same time?
The babies are both measuring the same size meaning that we can assume that they were conceived at the same time.

-Do you have double of other parts?
As of right now, we only know of the double uterus. After the babies are delivered I will have a complete exam to check out the rest of my organs.

-Are the babies really twins?
Yes, our babies are twins, but only because they will be born on the same day. They each have their own wombs.

-Will the babies be delivered at the same time?
Our docs have told us that this delivery will have to be a cesarean, so therefore the babies will be delivered together.

-What is my due date?
The 40-week mark, full term, for my pregnancy is August 2nd. We will assume that, bc they are twins, they will come early.

-Will we find out the sex of the babies?
YES! I have had too many surprises thus far. We should know what we are having by mid to late February!!

-Did you know that you had a double uterus beforehand?
No, most women with my condition do not find out that they have a double uterus until they get pregnant. I have never needed an ultrasound before now, so I just found this out.

How are you feeling?
I feel great! i have had no sickness, knock on wood!! I have had some bad headaches, been very hungry and super tired. Other than that, I am good. Looking forward to the second trimester so that I can get some of my energy back.

These questions are the only ones I can think of right now, but I am sure that I will be adding more after our next doctor's appt on 1/19.
Thanks for your continued prayers for us! We can't wait for you to meet our babies!